Making Love Your Goal

Tess Hunneybell Happiness Coach Make Love Your GoalJoin us in the journey to the Love in your heart … unconditional Love, universal Love, puppy Love, passionate Love, silly Love … Love that makes the world go round.

In our world today we must relearn the route back to the Love that we were born with so that we can keep this beautiful world spinning with us on board for the ride of our lives.

We will be looking at ancient wisdom and beliefs along with up to the minute scientific reports on how we work and why. To me THE greatest gift of our time is the growing knowledge of How to Change Our Minds. We can choose what we think and subsequently how we feel. It is our responsibility to take this exciting and challenging step and pass the map to Love onto our children.


We all carry the bright light of life within. When our bodies, minds and hearts touch we are the candle that can ignite the flames of human compassion and peace. We invite you to join in our discussions and send it articles, photos, videos and whatever you would like to contribute.

Have a splendid day

Tess Hunneybell

Inspirational Quotes

There is no light at the end the tunnel. There is no tunnel.

As long as the waves keep rolling in all is well in our perfect World … Tess

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